The new Cole-Parmer® Modular Touch-Screen Dispensing Pump offers an abundance of features in an easy-to-program interface. Users can quickly set up single- or multiple-step programs on the touch screen. The controller stores up to 50 programs with up to 20 steps each, with easy recall for later use. Programs can be stored on a PC for retrieval and validation of experimental protocols.

Users can choose constant flow rate, stepped flow, ramped flow, or pulsed flow. Pump or dispense by volume or time; flow range is 0.001 to 1500 mL/min with Masterflex® L/S® pump tubing. Advanced options include program linkage, step repeat, go-to step statements, and program alarms. Screen lockout prevents inadvertent program changes. Forward and reverse prime functions rapidly fill or purge tubing.

The pump includes the Masterflex® Easy-Load II pump head with automatic tubing retention, which makes tubing changes quick and easy. The pump controller is preprogrammed with maximum and minimum flow rates for all accepted tubing sizes. Tubing calibration function ensures flow accuracy and allows user to select calibration volume based on volume being dispensed.

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