New Variable-Speed Console Drives for All Labs

Vernon Hills, Ill.— The new Masterflex L/S Variable-Speed Console Drives bring simplicity to the laboratory. With its modern look and small footprint, this peristatic pump sits neatly on a bench or in a fume hood providing simple operation with single-turn speed control. With a flow range of 0.42 to 2900 mL/min, it is ideal for general fluid transfer applications.

These handy drives provide customers with an affordable pump option they can rely on every day. A separate power switch enables the user to maintain the speed setting when turning the drive on or off. A reversible motor makes it easy to prime/purge the tubing and pump in either direction. A convenient remote control feature starts and stops the unit via a connector on the back of drive. These drives accept nine different Masterflex L/S pump head types: Standard, Easy-Load®, Easy-Load II, Easy-Load 3, Multichannel, High-Performance, Cartridge, PTFE tubing, and PTFE-diaphragm.

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